It is easy to travel to Hideout and stress-free! There is a number of nearby airports, which has plenty of return flight options from the UK but also from the rest of Europe.

Check out our sky scanner widget below, which allows you to search for the best deals on flights!

If you want us to do the hard work for you, we also have a number of flight packages available including tickets (optional), return flights, accommodation, airport transfers, festival shuttles and more!

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Official Hideout airport transfers

Avoid expensive taxis and travel straight to the festival from just £19 each way! We depart from all over Croatia plus Slovenia and Italy too providing a reliable and comfortable way of getting to the festival.

These are the nearest airports to the festival, including Airport transfer journey time from the airport to the festival:

  • Zadar (2 hrs)
  • Rijeka (3 hrs)
  • Split (3.5 hrs)
  • Pula (4.5 hrs)
  • Zagreb (5 hrs)

  • Trieste (5 hrs)
  • Ljubljana (5.5 hrs)
  • Venice Marco Polo (7.5 hrs)
  • Venice Treviso (8.5 hrs)

Check out our transfer schedule and match up the times with your flights!
If you don’t see a transfer that fits with your flights or is outside of the main transfer days and times email we’ll be pleased to help you get to and from the festival.

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Coach trip to Hideout

Getting a coach with like-minded festival-goers is the great way to kick-start your holiday, you can hop on at one of our several major UK departure points with stops along the way to stretch your legs and meet new people!

Coaches are cheaper then most flight options so if you want to avoid airport queues and baggage fees then hop on one of our Hideout Coaches for just £219.

Exact times of departure will be revealed nearer to the departure date.

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Return coach from London, Manchester or Birmingham.


Departure date: 29th June 2019
Arrival date: 30th June 2019


Departure date: 6th July 2019
Arrival date: 7th July 2019

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