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How much are calls going to be in Croatia if I use my UK phone?

Depending on which network you are with and what call plan you have the costs will vary. Now that Croatia is a fully fledged member of the EU many providers will have special add-ons so be sure to check out offers that are available from your provider such as Vodafone passport, EE (which has free calls and texts) and other bolt on plans which will considerably reduce your charges abroad.

Will there be WiFi available anywhere at Hideout?

Novalja and its waterfront are covered by WiFi which is free for all to use, but as you’d expect with such an offer, the strength is sometimes quite weak and intermittent. There are also bars and cafes which will have WiFi so look out for those in Novalja and the surrounding towns should you be there.

What is the policy on drugs?

Drugs are illegal in Croatia and you would be facing time in jail for possession of an illegal substance.

If I’m driving, can I have a drink like in the UK?

The limit for alcohol in your system is lower than the UK and there are routine stoppages and breath tests taking place in Novalja during the festival so please don’t mix the two. There will be plenty of public transport available, we advise everyone to take advantage of that for your own safety and that of others.

What if I injure myself at the festival or on the beach?

There will be a medical team on site at the festival on Zrce Beach who will be able to help you with any incidents yourself or any friends require medical assistance with.

If you have any questions please visit a member of the Hideout team and we’ll get help for you.

Is it safe to drink the tap water in Croatia?

Yes, the tap water in Croatia is perfectly drinkable.

Will there be vegetarian and vegan meals available at the festival?

We don’t organise any food vending at the festival so it’s down to the discretion of traders on Zrce Beach. They’ll most likely be limited vegetarian options, but your best is to eat in Novalja, which has many accommodating and reasonably priced restaurants.

How much will food and drink cost me in Croatia?

Shops are obviously a fair bit cheaper for all the daily essentials and expect to pay roughly £6 – £10 for a meal out in Novalja, a bit less for fast food meals.

What drinks are available at the festival bars?

Beers, cocktails, wine, soft drinks, spirits and water.

How much will I have to pay for a drink?

Drinks in the venue will be from around £4 for a spirit and mixer or beer, up to whatever you want to spend on cocktails and other drinks.

Can I buy drinks on the boat?

There will be a full bar on board all boats and drinks can be bought with tokens, which will be available to buy in exchange for Kuna (local currency) on board the boat.

Will my boat be back in time for the festival?

Yes the last boat party each day returns at 9:30pm and the festival will start 11pm each night.

Do I need to bring my ticket with me to the boat?

You will need to bring your e-ticket and ID which matches the name on the ticket. Entry will not be allowed without both of these items.

Where can I get tickets for the Hideout Festival boat parties?

Tickets will be on sale in Spring 2019. For customers that book a package with us, you can add these via your customer account once they go on sale.

Where do the boat parties leave from?

The boat parties leave from Novalja harbour. We’ll be sending full info regarding the boat party departure point when the line-ups and tickets go on sale.

When are the Pool Parties?

They’ll be running each daily!

How much do the Pool Parties cost?

All the Pool Parties are included in the full festival ticket. How’s that for value!

Who is playing?

Details will be announced before the festival on the Pool Parties section of the website.

How do I manage my booking?

You can do this by logging in with your email address & password here.

Once in your account you can;

  • Review your booking
  • Have access to your personal balance and make payments towards this.
  • Add extras
  • Add Transport
  • Resend booking confirmation
  • Resend e-tickets (option only available once e-tickets have been issued)
I have not received my booking confirmation. Where do I get this from?

Your booking confirmation is emailed to you as soon as you complete your booking and your account is verified. If you can’t see this, make sure to check your junk/spam folders. You can also request another confirmation by logging into your customer account.

How do I pay the remaining balance on my booking?

You can log on to your customer account to easily make payments at your own convenience. If you want to make paying for your Hideout booking even easier why not give our Customer Support team a call on 0844 846 69 69 and ask about setting up an automatic payment plan. Your payments will be taken from your account in monthly instalments on a date to suite you, so long as it’s all paid off by the 1st April 2019.

One of the people in my group can no longer come to the festival. Can I change the name on the booking?

If you have booked flights, accommodation or any package with us, you will be able to change the name on the booking up to 3 weeks before your arrival, which will be subject to a £15 administration fee. If, however, you have a ticket-only booking, this is non-transferable and non-refundable. To complete a name change email customersupport@hideoutfestival.com.

How do I search for accommodation?

You can make a booking from the website here. Simply choose the dates you wish to travel and the number of people in your group and select ‘Apply Filter’. Prices are shown are from per person per night subject to the room being fully occupied. We have accommodation for all groups sizes and you can book for a small deposit and pay the rest in easy monthly instalments with the full balance due on 1st May 2019.

Which town is nearest to the festival for accommodation?

Novalja is the nearest town, but there are plenty of other towns close by. The main towns are Novalja, Stara Novalja, Caska, Gajac, Vidalici, Kustici, Zubovici and Metajna and there will be regular shuttle buses from each of these towns to Zrce Beach so you’ll be able to get to and from the festival at any time of night. If you would like more information then call us for a chat on 0844 846 69 69 and one of the customer support team can help you. Alternatively, you can email us on customersupport@hideoutfestival.com.

How much does an apartment cost for the 5 nights stay?

Prices start from £155 for 5 nights stay. The closest and best-priced accommodation goes fast though so make sure you book quickly to bag yourself a bargain!

Will I have to leave a deposit for my room?

It will depend on the apartment you book with so check on arrival, but most places will require a deposit (around £20 per person) if you are staying more than a few nights. You will need to arrange with your landlord to get this back at check out (providing the house rules have been kept during your stay)

When can we check in and out?

This will depend on where you stay, but you can expect check in to be late afternoon (from 1-2pm) and check out to be mid-morning (10am).

Will there be safes to leave our valuables in?

Apartments will be secure and lockable so your valuables should be fine in your room. Certain apartments will also come with safes to store any valuables but as a general rule, don’t take what you can’t afford to lose.

What do I get with a VIP Ticket?

Upgrade your festival ticket to VIP and you will get all of the benefits of the General Ticket with the additional extra features:

  • Programme on arrival
  • Access to VIP areas in each club (subject to capacity)
  • Queue jump for accreditation at Novalja Bus Station
  • Queue jump for all Hideout Festival venues where possible subject to capacity
What is an ex-Yu ticket and how do I get one?

Ex-Yu tickets are priced differently to standard tickets and are only available to current ex-Yu citizens. Ex-Yu countries are:

  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia
  • Herzegovina
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia (including Vojvodina and Kosovo)
Will tickets be available at the festival?

Due to exceptionally high demand we’re expecting tickets to the festival to have sold out far in advance of Hideout 2019. Therefore, there will not be any available at the festival itself. To avoid disappointment book now!

Where do I swap my ticket for a wristband?

Leading up to and during the festival, an accreditation point will available be at the Main Drop off Point next to the bus station in Novalja. During the festival you will also be able to exchange your tickets on Zrce Beach. The days and opening times for both locations will be announced a couple of weeks before the festival.

What constitutes a valid photo ID?

An (in date) photographic form of identification, i.e. a passport or driving licence.

What do I need to bring to get in?

You will need your ticket, the card you purchased the ticket with and valid photo ID. If you’re bringing an E-Ticket, please ensure you’ve printed the original PDF of your ticket rather than a photo or screengrab of the E -Ticket.

Is the event 18+?

Yes, you will need to present ID to this effect too. There are no exceptions to this.

Are there tickets still available?

Yes, tickets are still available. Click here to see what’s available.

Can I buy a day ticket?

Unless you’re resident of a country formerly within Yugoslavia (Ex-Yu), you will not be able to purchase any individual day tickets for Hideout in advance or at the festival.

I’ve got a new bankcard / lost the card that I purchased the ticket with. What do I do?

Bring your new card, some ID and a letter / bill that matches your account’s address and you’ll be fine.

I paid for the tickets on someone else’s card. What do I do?

If you are going to the festival with the person that has booked your ticket, then you will need to arrive together. The debit/credit card used to purchase both tickets will need to be presented, along with valid ID and your ticket.

If the person that booked your ticket is not present at the festival, you will need to photocopy the card that was used to purchase the ticket and bring this to the festival. (Please be sure to block out all card details except the last 4 digits of the card number and the full name of the cardholder) You will also require a letter from the cardholder explaining you had permission to use the card and collect the tickets. Bring both these items along with your ticket and valid ID to the festival.

Can I sell my tickets, as I can’t go anymore?

Unfortunately all tickets are non-transferable and we are unable to offer any refunds for tickets no longer needed.

Someone has offered to sell me a ticket. How do I get in, as it won’t have my name on the ticket?

It’s not possible to transfer the names on the tickets. You will be unable to get in to the festival without the person who has bought the tickets, who must also have with them valid ID.

What is Street Team and how do I get involved?

This year we’ll be running an ambassador scheme through Street Team. If you’d like to earn yourself a free ticket to the festival, you can do so by selling X amount of tickets to your friends and family. For a full breakdown of the Street Team ambassadors scheme for Hideout 2019, click here.


When will I receive my ticket?

Hideout tickets will be emailed to you approximately 1 week before the festival from the ticketing provider you purchased them from. If you bought the ticket as part of a package, we’ll send you the ticket directly via email around 1 week before the festival.

Is there any other way to travel instead of flying?

Book yourself on a Hideout Coach from various locations across the UK. Coaches arrive for the first day of the festival and leave the following weekend. This epic road trip to Croatia takes around 35 hours, with a coach full of likeminded people. Please check at the time of booking for a full list of departure locations and dates.

Our top tips for coach travel are:

  • Pack food and drink
  • Bring a blanket & your travel pillow
  • Portable Phone Chargers are a must
  • Don’t forget you still need your passport!
Do I need my passport to book Hideout flights?

You don’t need your passport to book the flights. However it’s extremely important that via your customer account you submit your full and correct passport details 4 weeks before your flight. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to travel so this is really important!

I booked flights with Hideout. When do I get the rest of my flight information and ticket?

Flight information such as check in details, luggage allowance and your ticket or boarding card will be emailed to you around 2 weeks before the festival.

How can we get to the festival from our apartment?

Easy! Hideout run a dedicated festival shuttle bus 24/7 that services 8 towns on 5 lines. Services run from the following locations:

Novalja, Stara Novalja, Caska, Gajac, Vidalici, Kustici, Zubovici and Metajna to Zrce Beach

Frequency of the service will be announced in plenty of time before you head off on your travels! You can purchase these wristbands in advance from your Hideout Manage my Booking account.

Hideout don’t organise airport transfers on the day I land or from my airport.

On the rare occasion the Hideout airport transfers don’t match up with your flights you can look at using Croatian public transport. More information and timetables can be found here.

How much is a taxi from Zadar to Novalja?

It’s about 820kn or around £95 for a taxi from Zadar Airport to Novalja but more details on public transport etc can be found here.

Which is the closest airport to the festival?

Zadar is the nearest airport, which is about 50 miles away. Transfers take you from here to Novalja bus station, which is where you will exchange your ticket for a festival wristband. If you have bought a package with us you can add transfers to your booking by logging in here.

Are there airport transfers from the airport to Novalja and vice versa?

We offer official Hideout airport transfers from many Croatian airports alongside a selection of Italian and Slovenian ones. Book them here, or check out our transfers page for full details.

Where is Novalja and what is there to do?

Have a look here for details of where Novalja is located and what to do:


Can we walk from Novalja to the festival?

It will roughly take 30 minutes, and while you can walk anywhere you like we’d recommend getting the shuttle busses. Please be sensible and don’t walk on your own.

What towns can I stay in other than Novalja?

Stara Novalja, Caska, Vidalici, Kustici, Zibovici, Metajna and Kolanjski Gajac are all nearby towns and villages that are a short bus ride from the festival and have apartments you can stay in.

*Please note, there is no festival run shuttle service from Pag or Mandre to Zrce Beach.

How hot is it on the Isle of Pag?

The average summer temperature on the Isle of Pag is 24 degrees, although you can expect temperatures to reach the high 20’s/30’s. Make sure you drink lots of water, wear sun cream and protect yourself from overexposure to the sun.

What’s the time difference in Croatia?

Croatia is in the Central European Time Zone, 1 hour ahead of British Summer Time!

What currency do I need?

Croatian currency is Kuna and can be bought easily at the bank, post office, travel agents or at the airport. Kuna can also be taken out of ATM’s though this will incur a charge per transaction.

Can I park my car at the festival?

Yes, there is a large car park at Zrce Beach, parking is charged per hour. We’d recommend using the Festival Shuttle Wristband and using the shuttle buses provided to get around. You can buy your Festival Shuttle Wristband by logging into your customer account here.

What happens if I lose my wristband whilst at the event?

Wristbands will only be issued once and any broken / lost wristbands will not be replaced. Please look after them!

How can I apply to work at the festival?

Right now we’re not looking for any members of staff or volunteers for this year’s Hideout Festival. If this does change, we’ll be sure to announce this across our social channels!

Are there cash machines at the festival?

There are cash machines on Zrce Beach, though many of these do charge. You can also use ATM’s across the town and in some festival venues.

Can I go in and out of the festival site each night?

Yes, with your wristband you can go to and from the festival site and in to all venues as much as you like.

When does the festival officially start and finish?

Hideout Festival 2019 starts on Monday 1st July. The last night is Friday 5th July with most parties finishing by 6am on the morning of the 6st July. There’ll most likely be an after-party at one of venues, which will run till approximately 10am.

Where can I find full set times and the full line-up details?

We keep the website updated with all line up announcements here. You will also be able to find day-by-day breakdowns closer to the start of the festival. Full set times can be found in the programme which can be bought in Croatia, and set times can also be purchased through our Hideout 2019 app, which will be available closer to the festival.

What are the festival opening times?

The festival opens every day for the pool parties. Each night the main festival programme kicks off at 11pm and closes at 6am.

Where is the festival exactly?

The Croatian island of Pag is home to Hideout Festival. It’s held on Zrce beach, near to the town of Novalja, at a string of open-air venues; Papaya, Aquarius, Kalypso, Euphoria & Noa.