Posted on 3rd May 2019 in News by Rohun Batra

So you’ve booked Hideout Festival for 2019 with your friends and can’t wait to get on the plane to reach the shores of Croatia. But there’s still one thing in the way – packing. Festivals require different packing materials when compared to normal holidays, so you’re unsure.

Don’t worry – we have you covered! In this blog post, we’ll detail the 10 most important things you’ll need for Hideout Festival!

1 – Camera

What would you do 5 years from now with no pictures or videos of the amazing time you had? Your camera should be on top of your list, to take all the pictures and videos that years from now you’ll either love, hate or cringe over!

2 – Fancy Dress

Whether you want to stand out and be talk of the town, or you’re going to a themed party, fancy dress is always a lot of fun! Plus, who knows who you’ll end up meeting?

3 – Body Glitter

Getting ready for the big festival requires outfit planning, but body glitter will always be the perfect accessory for any outfit to make you shine in the sun!

4 – Props

Frisbee, water gun, inflatables – it’s all your choice! Anything to get the party started and attract the artist to you!

5 – Portable Phone Charger

You’d hate if you weren’t able to document your time on Instagram or Snapchat, so be sure to bring a portable charger so your phone never runs out of battery!

6 – Sunglasses

Keep the sun out of your eyes or use them as the finishing touch to your outfit.

7 – Sunscreen

You’re brave if you think you can go without this one – protect yourself!

8 – Contraception

….. talking about protecting yourself.

9 – ID

Even if you’re over 18, a lot of places will ask for ID if you don’t look over 25 – don’t stop yourself having a good time!

10 – Hat

Baseball cap, fitted, dad hat, whatever your taste you can use these to style yourself. Or just keep the sun out of your eyes.